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After about an hour, further gradation results with layers of fine silt and then clay at the top.By visual inspection one is able to estimate the relative proportions of clay to sand.The hand-moulded adobe is actually the simplest and most ancient method, (dating back at least 10,000 years to in the Middle Eastern town of Jericho.) This creative and fun method works best in rainy areas.Not only can you shape an adobe that will be thinner and thus dry much faster, it will also bond better with the mortar and stay in place (as on an incline at the top of the dome).One of the attractive advantages of building with adobe is that suitable material is most often right under the workers' feet.In New Mexico and other desert states, such a soil is mostly sand (70-90%) with varying amounts of clay and fine silts totaling from 10% to 30%.Shake it well and then let the material settle out.The largest particles settle first, such as gravel and then coarse sand.

Located away from ponding areas (standing water) with some drainage, stones or adobes are placed in mud mortar at ground level to begin the massive base.

The batter will appear unusually runny for a bread mix but don’t worry, they’ll come out fine.


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